Cheerleading is consistently ranked the second most dangerous sport behind football. Maddie found out why the sport sees so many catastrophic injuries, and what can be done to decrease these accidents.


Text neck… it’s a real thing! Doctors say looking down at your phone can damage your neck and spine.


What would you do if you woke up to find your car had disappeared from the parking lot? Car thefts targeted Greek housing in Chapel Hill and Maddie found out why.


Fried food, ferris wheels, farm animals and fun! Check out Maddie’s live hits from the North Carolina State Fair.


A high number of underage drinking tickets in Chapel Hill led Maddie to look into lowering the national drinking age.


Jason Ray, who was UNC’s beloved mascot, Rameses, died in 2007 after being struck by car at the NCAA Basketball Tournament. On campus his legacy lives on.